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포레스트 (2020)

Genre: Romance, Drama, Medical, Melodrama
Actor: Oh Jong Rok, Lee Sun Young, Park Hae Jin, Jo Bo Ah, Ryu Seung Soo, Jung Yeon Joo, Lee Do Kyung, Lee Shi Hoon, Min Joon Hyun, Noh Kwang Shik, Yoon Bok In, Lee Nam Hee, Im Jung Min, Kwon Ye Eun, Kim Eun Soo
Director: Oh Jong Rok
Network: ไม่ทราบ
Also Known As: Sikeulis,Sikeurit,Secret,시크릿,Poreseuteu
Duration: 35 min. per ep
Type: Series
Country: Korean
Released: 2020
ตอน: 32ตอน
“Forest” is about a male air rescue worker from the 119 special rescue team who dreams of accumulating assets over 5 trillion won (approximately $4,470 million) and a female doctor who finds true happiness and love after joining Miryung Forest, where people with painful pasts gather.
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