Mr. Heart
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Mr. Heart

Mr. Heart

Mr.하트 (2020)

Genre: Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Actor: Lee Se Jin, Cheon Seung Ho, Lara, Yoo Jang Young, Jang Eui Soo
Director: ไม่ทราบ
Network: ไม่ทราบ
Also Known As: Mr.Heart,Mr.Hateu,미스터 하트,miseuteo hateu,Mister Heart
Duration: 10 min. per ep
Type: Series
Country: Korean
Released: 2020
ตอน: 8ตอน
A member of the school track team, Sang Ha loves to run, but distance has never really been his thing. For Sang Ha, sprinting is what brings him the most joy. Jin Won (Cheon Seung Ho), on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. A record breaking Edit Translation English Português Français marathon runner in high school, Jin Won is well on his way to becoming a marathon superstar. Determined to live up to the expectations of his coaches and colleagues, Jin Won cares about one thing and one thing only: running his next race. When Jin Won finds himself struggling to maintain his record-breaking stats, his coach suggests Sang Ha step in to help as a pacemaker.
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